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Ibiza Magazine is a market-leading website and travelguide for people in The Netherlands and Dutch people who live on Ibiza. Our realistic goals are minimum 150.000 pageviews each month and a growth of 5.000 + social followers each month with our social media accounts. Our advertising opportunities are very interesting for all kind of businesses on and about Ibiza. For example hotels, clubs, restaurants and beachclubs. But also for shops, brands from Ibiza, fitnessclubs, villa and yacht brokers and many more businesses.


Visitors of IbizaMagazine.nl.

People who love: Ibiza, traveling, luxury, jet-set, wining & dining, clubs & Ibiza style. Demographics: 57% women and 43% men. Age: 44% 18-34 years and 39% 35-54 years.

We offer:

- You get 10% discount  on your order when you put a link to IbizaMagazine.nl on your website!

- Examples of the different packages can be download here.

Advertising IbizaMagazine.nl


Other opportunities

- Banner on the right column € 20,- per 1.000 views

- Banner on relevant pages € 25,- per 1.000 views

- Advertorial incl. FB post € 400,-

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